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Cutting Edge Theatre


Cutting Edge are a theatre group based in Sheffield with a passion for sharing high quality theatre. The group re-launched themselves in September 2017 and have since then run popular cabaret evenings showcasing talented local performers and contemporary musical theatre. These evenings have already become important to the group for helping deliver their vision. In 2018, they delivered a concert of music by the winning writers and composers of The Greatest Showman, Pasek and Paul. Following on from that will be their first full production since their re-launch, which will be Parade and will be performed at Sheffield’s amazing alternative theatre venue Theatre Deli in November 2021.

The  mission  of  Cutting  Edge  is to  produce  exceptional  theatrical  arts  to  help  enrich,  entertain  and  educate  our  community  by  pushing  the  boundaries  and  showcasing  new  and  contemporary  theatre.  We  aim  to  achieve  this  through:  


  • Providing  entertainment,  in  unique  and  intimate  settings,  that  foster  an  appreciation  for the  arts.  

  • Providing  opportunities  for  those  who  create  the  theatrical  experience  to  express  their art,  entertain  an  audience  and  receive  the  appreciation  their  efforts  deserve.  

  • Encouraging  collaborations  with  various  organisations  that  are  innovative,  effective  and mutually  beneficial.  

  • Fostering  an  enthusiastic  mutual  respect  for  like  minded  individuals  and  industry professionals  with  the  sharing  of  their  skills. 

  • Engaging  and  welcoming  audiences  from  all  the  diverse  segments  of  our  community.

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